If there’s no space on your wedding table for flowers…decorate the wine bottles!!

IMG_0518.jpgIf you have no room on your wedding table for flowers, how about decorating your wine and water bottles…here’s how…

1. Take one bottle of wine

2. Tie a ribbon around the neck and make a knot, not too tight as you want to remove it.



3. Cut flower stem close to the flower head so it has a flat surface


4. Apply hot glue and hold flower head onto ribbon for 15 seconds

5. Repeat around the ribbon until it is covered


6. When it’s all dried, lift off the ring of flowerIMG_0501.jpg

NB choose flowers that will last out of water overnight eg carnations, roses, Nigella

7. Decorate some more!!


If you want to do your own flowers for your wedding and need some help, why not do my DIY wedding flowers workshop at Bouquets and Butterfies workshops



Mother’s Day Flowers from the Cutting Garden


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To order your British bouquet , please visit my website British Bouquets

Mother’s Day is early this year so the flower growers like me are out in the garden looking for flowers and foliage to pick! Hellebores, daffodils and tulips are the current blooms and hazel, catkins, willow and bright red dogwood are the best foliage. Cornwall growers are also providing Spring flowers from their nurseries which is a blessing when the weather is weird, which it is at the moment! I’ve actually got Sweet Williams in bloom in February… and I’m not sure what to make of that!

Jobs for the cutting garden…here’s a few things I’d recommend for Feb…

  • Sow Ammi Majus, Cornflowers, Ammi Visnaga and any hardy annual flower you fancy, undercover in a greenhouse, polytunnel or window sill. Better still you’ll need a heating mat to get germination going.
  • Plant up any shrubs that have been over wintered in the greenhouse but that are tough enough to go outside
  • Order your dahlias if you haven’t done so already
  • Weed your beds, even if you think you only have a few popping up. As soon as it starts to get warm, all hell will break loose and you’ll need to keep on top of it! Plus it is nice in the spring and summer to actually wander around the garden with a glass of wine and admire your work as oppose to looking at work to be done!
  • Happy planting!

My New Workshops

I’ve introduced some new workshops for growing cut flowers and also arranging them.

Growing and arranging cut flowers
Available dates:
Saturday 14th May 2016
Wednesday 25th May 2016
Wednesday 7th Sept 2016

How to make hand tied bouquets and flowers for the table –
Saturday 25th June 2016

See Workshops for more details.

See you soon


Helen, the happy gardener

What’s happening in November?

Hi there , it’s now November and it’s still warm! We’ve had no frost, so far, which keeps a few plants in flower. Although the rain has flattened pretty much everything else!

What’s new?

Well the website has been updated www.bouquetsandbutterflies.co.uk  so I’m very excited about that. I am now doing flower growing and arranging workshops . I’ll be adding more dates as time goes on so if you’d like to know more please sign up for a newsletter… Don’t worry I won’t bomdard you with tons of emails!

Also 2200 tulip, daffodil and camassia bulbs have been planted in various parts of the garden

Here’s our Dog, Maisie, resisting the temptation to dig them all up!!!

image image

What’s available flower wise ?

Snapdragons, dahlias , foliage, asters and the odd rose but our season is now finished until April . However, the colours of Autumn are great so I’m using lots of leaves in arrangements as a bit of an experiment. Photos of this later !

Things to do in the garden…..

Sow Sweet peas in the greenhouse

Clear all the beds and apply manure

Tackle the squirrel problem with organic spray …I’ll keep you posted

Wash all the pots in bleach ready for the spring

Pot up seedlings that are looking pot bound

Cut back the perennials and tidy any shrubs apart from the evergreen ones where the foliage will come in handy for wreath making at Christmas!

Lastly a few photos from my patch…..image image image

Next blog, I’ll post my Autumn and Christmas bouquets! Happy gardening, flower arranging or Christmas shopping!!!!

September Flowers


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September is looking good for flower production! We have a whole host of flowers that have been battling through all the rain and they are still looking good. From the top, there’s Tobacco plant, Snapdragons,  various colours of dahlias, white giant Snap Dragons, Clary, white Hydrangea, Borage, Zinnias, Chrysanthemums, pink Scabious, blue Ageratum, purple Clary and lilac hydrangea! The next job is to start sowing for next years crop!

IMG_7684 IMG_7681 IMG_7677 IMG_7676IMG_7674 White hydrangea IMG_7531 IMG_7530 IMG_7687 IMG_7688 IMG_7689 IMG_7690 IMG_7691

Chelsea Flower Show 2015 – Hanging Flowers


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I went to Chelsea on Monday evening with my short dress, bare legs and high heels….I was frozen! However it was nice to cast off the old gardening attire and look presentable ! Anyway, the show was amazing this year and I am always keen to look at new trends, one of which is hanging flowers. Here are some hanging Amaryllis and Alliums which looked superb. Its a new look at weddings but you need good mechanics and secure structure to hold everything. I noticed that the flowers had water vials attached.

Hanging  Amarylis

Hanging Amaryllis


Lovely feedback


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This email makes my job the best in the world! How kind of Jackie to send me this straight after her wedding! ………

Hi Helen,

I just wanted to pop you a quick message to say a MASSIVE thank you for the flowers. I was completely taken aback at how beautiful they all were and I got nothing but compliments the entire evening. They were exactly what I had in mind and I can’t believe that you remembered my odd request for the thistles but they made it an absolute fairytale for me. 

Thank you!

Jackie (and Ross)

Wedding preparations

Preparing for a wedding normally begins on Wednesday for a Saturday do. Here’s a few photos of the process which begins by washing all the buckets , preparing the boxes , cutting the flowers, conditioning and cleaning the glassware. In this instance it also involved my husband, Neil, sawing a tree truck to make the bases for the tables decorations!  He went through a chain saw and then did it by hand saw. It was a heck of a workout! 




British Grown Flowers


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Here’s is one of my new creations made of hellebores, twisted hazel, rosemary, and other blossom from my garden and tulips from Lincolnshire. A beautiful spring bouquet!


Boho Chic Wedding Workshop


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Last week, I had a very enjoyable couple of days at the Cambridge Flower School in Linton, keeping up with the latest trends in flower arranging. Flower arranging,  especially wedding flowers are all linked to fashion! I love the Boho Chic look, it’s my favourite . Here’s me wearing my wired head dress using Ranunculus as the main flower plus a few other creations.

IMG_6155 IMG_6128